Hi there, my name is Kristin Kienzle and I am the founder of the Utopia Modern Salon Suites Franchise! Just a few years ago, I was working in a well known salon suite franchise…

I LOVED the freedom and ownership suites provided to me as a hairstylist, but things were missing in this business model that I just couldn’t ignore.  Management was unresponsive, the client experience was underwhelming and the suites just couldn’t provide the level of service I wanted to give to my loyal clientele.

So, I thought, “I’ll move to a better studio suite atmosphere that aligned with my values and was both beauty professional and client-centered.” The problem was, nothing I found was good enough.

Find out how we took over the Wichita salon suite market in this article.

photo of the owner of utopia modern salon suite franchise

Creating the Perfect Salon Suite Business Model

I had 5 essential attributes in mind when I founded the first Utopia Salon Suite location.  

  1. Management must be attentive to the needs of suite renters. 
  2. The bathrooms and common areas should be meticulously clean and consistently cared for.
  3. Clients should enjoy hospitality offerings such as ice water, tea, coffee and comfortable seating to elevate their salon experience.
  4. Studio renters need access to business growth support to continue thriving at any stage of their careers.
  5. It’s essential to cultivate a sense of community while preserving an independent environment.

One Suite Location Filled in a Matter of Months

After opening the first Utopia Salon Suite location, I was thrilled to see it filled with happy beauty professionals and a substantial waitlist. Encouraged by this success, I decided to open a second location, and then a third, each experiencing the same overwhelming demand!

Out of a need to work in an environment I loved coming to, I inadvertently created the perfect blueprint for boutique-style salon suites. A fire was lit, needless to say. A new goal was created- give other entrepreneurs the opportunity to own a lucrative business that stands up to the test of time, economic changes and workforce demands.

photo of a hair stylist standing outside of a utopia salon suite location

Utopia Salon Suites Gets Franchised

Once the word got out about the superior studio suites available to rent, I knew this brand would grow as big as my dreams. I envisioned the Utopia brand competing successfully with other suite concept salon franchises in the industry. 

We had a good thing going – the replicable, fun, and profitable business I had built was too good not to share. I wanted to see it grow but knew that being 100% responsible for each location myself would not serve the brand’s mission. 

I envision a vast community of Utopia Modern Salon Suites franchise owners, growing together to strengthen and enhance our brand. As our community expands, so does our collective success, making us stronger and better than ever before.

Flexible Salon Suite Layout and Design 

Who likes working in a box? Not me… I designed the Utopia Franchise Model so that franchisees can select from different layouts and models.

Layout design options maintain brand impression, while accommodating diverse space configurations and conditions. Typically, we allocate one suite per 200 square feet, prioritizing leasable space while ensuring comfort.

Own the perfect salon suites- The aesthetic consistency is maintained through uniform flooring, lighting, shampoo stations, styling chairs, paint colors, cabinets, and suite doors. Common area furnishings are kept minimal yet classy and light-colored to complement the overall design. 

Interested in working with me? Check out our salon suite franchises for sale and get more information about opening a Utopia Modern Salon suite location, today!

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